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Discover the hidden power of Order Flow! Learn to spot institutional trading activity like a pro!

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Trader Dale Technical writer

Trader Dale is a Certified Portfolio & Investment Manager with over 14 years of trading experience. 

Dale is the leading voice on Order Flow with well over 5,000 students in his Advanced Training Courses.

What's inside the book?
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Everything you need to learn Order Flow, nothing you don’t!

Order Flow allows you to see inside the market, allowing you to track institutional trading activity, but only if you know how…

This book breaks through the mystery of Order Flow by presenting the exact trade setups and software I use, in addition to countless examples and illustrations.

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Don't take our word for it, see what other traders are saying...

I've read both his books.
“I've read both the books. I really love this one. Now I'm looking at the courses!!! Go Dale!! I'm a fan!!”

Erik Garland Amazon Review

Simple, to the point, useful
“...when I read this book from Trader-Dale, i was surprised how simply he has explained volume profile and it's usage in both intraday and swing trading. The content of this book is very simple to follow...”

Mayank Jain Amazon Review

The real deal
“After many years and dollars trying to become consistent I feel Dale has done the work and created the guide that can help the beginner or the struggling trader like me be a consistently profitable trader if they will do the work. Thank you Dale.”

Randal Cade Amazon Review

Real Knowledge
“I do not have no regret! this book helps me understand what’s going in my chart. As a rookie trader I learnt a lot.”

Jerry Amazon Review

"I am more than satisfied from the online courses of volume profile and order flow, he explains how the market works, with tools that really work, it's the closest to the holy grail that anyone can reach. He is one of the few people that I met in my life which goal is to educate and really help people succeed, and is ALWAYS there to help anytime."

Spiros1987 FPA Review

"I spent years reading books, completing courses, and testing out nearly every indicator. But nothing really helped me improve my strategy. However, everything changed when I found the flexible volume profile. It completely changed my perspective on trading."

Geneclash FPA Review

"...I stumbled upon Dale's website and was immediately impressed. Dale's FREE resources alone are in-valuable so I can't wait to dive into the members training. His writing style and training videos are very concise and clear and he's been available to answer all the lead-up questions I've had. I can't wait to dive in further."

Bash Trader FPA Review

"Removed alot of stress from trading and dare I say (knock on wood) almost makes trading fun sometimes... And I canceled all of my monthly subscriptions and watch almost no news or other reviews, saving me hundreds of dollars and a great many hours of work each month."

BlueDog FPA Review

"Hi my name is Themba Manyanya from South Africa. Trader Dale volume profile beginners guide learning book, helpedd me to understand almost everything about FOREX trading."

Teezeka FPA Reviews

"...I downloaded his Volume Profile free ebook and was awesome, he got my attention about his deep knowledge on how institutional forex guys drive the market every day."

Gustavo FPA Review

"... i have been started following him on youtube and facebook for all his ideas and lessons on webinar really i become successful trader then i win the contest for MT4 volume profile for life time completely free really i was so happy and so glad to follow a good master who is generous with his fans."

ConcordDeath FPA Review

"Before I purchased the Elite Pack I asked many questions. Dale and his team answered every single one timeously and with a personal touch. I felt right at home."

IIseB FPA Review

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